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Announcing Furrow Fields

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We are excited to announce our first title, Furrow Fields, a farming strategy game for players 14+.

In Furrow Fields, 2-4 players compete for the Grand Champion title of the 100th Harvest Festival by growing crops and completing villagers' commissions to earn points. Players must choose wisely which crops to grow from the available seeds on the festival board - and keep track of both available and in-hand commissions. The player with the most points from growing crops and completing commissions by the end of the game wins. Bonus points are awarded to players who have completed the most commissions for the village. Gameplay ranges around 30-60 minutes, and setup takes around 5 minutes.

Furrow Fields contains 108 crop chits (9 different crops), 34 farm tools (4 scarecrows, 15 fertilizers, and 15 magic bags), 1 night chit, 1 day chit, 4 score chits, 4 crate cover chits (for a 2-3 player game), 1 festival board, 4 farm fields, 35 crop commission cards, 17 explorer commission cards, 32 night cards, 32 explorer cards, 2 direction cards, 1 directions booklet, and 1 bag.

Furrow Fields launched here August 1, 2022.
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