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Furrow Fields Miniatures

Each copy of Furrow Fields purchased through our website now includes 8 miniatures that can be used in place of the score marker chits. The miniatures are of an orange pumpkin, red strawberry, blue blueberry, and green pepper along with matching colored “100” ribbons.

To use, each player chooses one of the four crop miniatures and places it to the left of the score “1”. Place the matching-colored ribbons on the board to the left of the score tracker as pictured. If a player reaches 100 points, then collect the matching-colored ribbon and move the crop miniature back to the beginning of the score tracker to continue the game.

Note: If you have previously purchased a copy of Furrow Fields through our website, we’ll be reaching out to you through email about mailing these pieces to you at no additional charge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking on ‘Contact’ at the top.

Thank you for reading!

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